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Is Affordable Mattress of Holland a ‘discount’ mattress store? The answer is: kindof.

If you’re reading this and found me searching for a ‘discount mattress near me’, or ‘discount mattress’ in Holland, I welcome you to my store. I definately have what you’re looking for – GREAT mattresses for GREAT price!

I’m OK with being considered a discount mattress store, but I do have a slightly different way of looking at it that I would like to be clear on. Let me explain.

When I think of a ‘discount’ store, I generally think of a store that sells scratch-and-dent items, factory seconds, overstock products, returns, etc.

I AM NOT this kind of discount store!

I only sell brand new, made to order mattresses, direct from the factories with a full warranty. While I occasionally will have a mattress on clearance (usually to make room for a new line, or update a floor model), I do NOT buy scratch-and-dent mattresses, factory seconds or anything of that nature.

Where I do line up with being a discount mattress store is my pricing: because of where and how I buy my mattresses, I am able to sell brand new, Michigan made mattresses with a full factory warranty for 50-80% less than the big name brands. This is because I buy them direct from the factory and because I am a local one-man business with very low overhead. I buy direct, so I have no middle-man costs. I work by appointment and live close to the store – it’s just me, so I have no employee costs. I have a small, simple store so my overhead is very low. I pass these savings on to my customers.

So because I sell my mattresses at such a discount compared to the big name brands, I’m OK being called a discount mattress store. I just like to make sure my customers understand that my ‘discounts’ aren’t because of a lesser product. Quite the opposite: my mattresses are the same or better quality than the well known, big-name brands. They are made in the same factories, by the same craftsman, with the same warranties. Because of my business model I am able to sell them at a fantastic discount compared to other stores.

So are my mattresses discounted?

When compared to other stores, yes. You will not find an equivalent quality mattress at any other store around West Michigan for less.

When it comes to the QUALITY of the mattresses: no. I do not sell scratch-and-dent, factory seconds or anything but brand new, warranteed matresses.

So I’m OK with being a discount mattress store, as long as it’s known that I’m not selling sub-par products at a discount.

As I point out though on one of my other pages, I really do not care for the term cheap mattress store – you can follow that link to learn my feelings on that and also learn a bit about the mattress industry. I post some links on that page that shed light on what’s been going on with some of the bed-in-a-box brands that use the term “Assembled in the USA” on their mattresses (hint: they’ve gotten in BIG trouble).

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Fred the Mattress Man (and son)